Professional Colleagues
  • James Emmert Dauphin Glass
Working with Allan and his company is and has always been a fantastic. Their attention to detail is like no one else! It is an absolute pleasure being associated with Allan!

  • Dave Kern M&M Lighting
I have had the pleasure of supplying Allan Edwards all lighting fixtures for his homes over the past 25 years. Includes everything from recess lights, ceiling fans and all decorative lighting. Allan is very loyal to his suppliers which always puts him on top of our lists if he needs anything we get right on it. He builds superior homes and has great attention to detail. I am honored to have him as my customer.

  • Erik Heyne Martha Turner Realtors
I have had the opportunity to work with Allan Edwards on several projects that involved luxury, custom-built homes, spec homes and residential lot sales. He is one of the finest custom home builders in Houston and only uses the best tradesmen in the business. His reputation is outstanding with all of his clients. He primarily focuses on the inner city and upscale neighborhoods, but he builds quality homes wherever it might be. His ability to communicate and help clients turn their vision into reality sets him apart from all others. He makes the entire experience pleasant and he keeps the project on time and on budget. At the end of the day, Allan Edwards builds a home that his clients will love and enjoy for years to come.

  • Mary Malik Materials Marketing
I have worked on many projects/homes with this builder supplying stone and tile, consulting on design, meeting with his clients on many levels for more than 10-15 yrs. Very in tune to his customers needs/wants with great attention to detail while keeping budget and timeline in check. Allan s professionalism and personality are a win-win for building a family home. He builds a beautiful project and I would not hesitate to have him build my own home.

  • Tom Malloy Owner Alamo Stone
We have worked with Allan Edwards for many years, on many projects. Their attention to detail is impeccable, they truly go the extra mile to find the perfect stone for their clients. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional person and company. Truly beautiful homes!

  • Ken Newberry Newberry Architects
It is a pleasure working with Allan. His passion for quality finishes and a high level of detail is reflected throughout his projects. He truly cares about the client's wants and needs in every project. We have worked successfully together for over ten years and look forward to many more projects together.

  • Lorraine Vojack Custom Floors
We have had the privilege of working with Allan for over 10 years and he always delivers on what he promises. The Clients are always happy he builds a beautiful home. We consider Allan to be an excellent choice when looker for a builder.

  • Leslie Sinclair Segreto Finishes
Allan Edwards is an exceptional builder. He cares about his clients, is respectful to them and the trades he uses, and is very particular about the quality of his projects. He is easy to get along with and has excellent supers!! Only positive things to say!

  • Greg Swedberg 2Scale Architects
Allan is more than a good builder. He is a good man. His calm, decisive approach to his work comes from a foundation of decades in his trade, honing his skills. I know that when he says something will happen, indeed he will do what it takes to make it so. I have the utmost confidence that when my clients hire Allan and his team of well qualified staff, they will move mountains to make my clients happy. I personally love, as an Architect, that there are no surprises with Allan. He does a very good job of making sure people's expectations are on par with his, and that everyone is held accountable for their work, regardless of how small.

I am excited to have worked with Allan, and I hope to work with him on several more projects in the coming years. His fantastic craftsmanship and care makes my designs look as good as they do in my dreams.

  • Mickey Bufalini Collaborative Design Group-Architects & Interiors
Allan Edwards is one of the most respected home builders in Houston, his homes are quality driven, extremely custom and the attention to detail is incredible. His firm employs an extremely professional team that works closely with their client and not only achieves but exceeds all their expectations.
I would recommend Allan's group to anyone looking to build a custom residential project you will not be disappointed in the results.

  • Rudolph Colby Colby Architects
For several years Allan Edwards has been the standard for fine home building. He executes our architectural designs with exceptional precision and quality that is unique and very difficult to match. From start to completion he truly values his relationship with his clients, something we at our office also strive to emulate. It is a joy to work with Allan, a true professional!

Rudolph Colby,